Guest House and In-training facility

Today, Foster's Manor is a double storey ostrich Feather Palace, established as a guest house and forming part of the South Cape FET College in- training facility.

Until 2008, for a period of eight years, it served as practical venue for the Hospitality students studying the Granger Bay Hotel School’s Food and Beverage Management Diploma Course at South Cape College Oudtshoorn Campus. Although this course is unfortunately not offered anymore, the facility is now being utilized as examination venue by the NCV Hospitality lecturers for the ISAT Practical Examinations of the NCV students studying at South College Oudtshoorn Campus.

The Food and Beverage students received theoretical and practical training at the Manor. Practical training included preparing and serving breakfast, planning and organizing functions, preparing and serving dinners and conference handling. Foster’s Manor was an extension of their theoretical training received both at the Oudtshoorn Campus and at Foster’s Manor.

As one will never stop learning and accumulating information about the complexities of wine and food, the multitude of combinations of cuisines and flavours to experiment with and the challenge, and one might say, a tasty one, of finding the best wine to match, a “Food and Wine Pairing” lecture seems fit. Ms Agnes Fourie, Manager at Foster’s Manor, recently presented such a lecture to the NCV Hospitality level 4 students. She has obtained her Wine Course certificate from the Cape Wine Academy and is currently busy with her diploma studies in this field.

Fourie’s favourate quotation, from Andre Simon, aptly captures her passion for food, wine and hospitality: “Food without wine is a corpse; wine without food is a ghost; united and well matched they are as body and soul, living partners”.

Foster's Manor has excellent potential for serving as a training facility for Hospitality students where they can experience the full spectrum of Hospitality Services (front office, back of house, front of house, kitchen, F&B, conferencing and Housekeeping) provided that all parties concerned focus on achieving this goal.

The topic of wine and food paring is nowadays high on conversation lists, largely attributable to the influence of celebrity chefs, great tasting food and good quality wines. Combine this with the lighting speed of the Internet and you have a huge number of amateur wine connoisseurs that have access to information we could only have dreamt about not so many years ago.